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In CRM there is not any way to schedule email send. But we can do this scheduling using workflow and custom entity.
a. Create custom entity with one date time field
b. Create workflow, which will trigger on custom entity.

a. Create custom entity..
1. Entity Name: Global Settings (new_globalsettings)
2. Add new date time attribute as Next Run (new_nextrun)
3. Add this attribute on form.
4. Save and publish Entity.

b. Create workflow.
1. Process Name: Schedule Email
Entity: Global Settings
Category : Workflow
2. After workflow created select
Available to Run: As an on demand process and As a child process.
Scope: User
Start when : don't select any option.
3. Now add steps to workflow.
i. Add Wait condition
Configure wait condition as
Process --> Timeout --> Equal --> Global settings Next run attribute
Save this step
ii. Withing wait condition add Send Email step
iii. Configure email using either inline text or template.
iv. Add new step under wait condition for updating Global setting entity
Set Next Run attribute value to After 7 days Process execution time.
You can specify time here for recurrence of email sending.. If you want email to be send every day, then update Next run attribute value to 1 day After Execution Time. If monthly then 1 month after execution time.. and so on.
v. Save workflow.
vi. Add new step in wait condition after updating entity for "Start Child workflow"
select child workflow as current workflow (Schedule Email)
vii. save workflow and activate.

4. Add new record in global setting entity.
i. Specify name and Next run value
ii. Run workflow.
when Next run value = current time then workflow will send email and update entity for next run and same workflow will be started for next run.

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